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Bobby Jindal: Trying to lead the party of growth

“BALANCING our government’s books is not what matters most.” So Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, declared last month to a roomful of conservative activists bent on balancing the government’s books. Although curbing America’s huge deficits was important, Mr Jindal continued, the Republican Party can revive its electoral fortunes only by telling voters what it can do for them, not what it plans to take away. The party should talk about fostering small business, giving parents more power over their children’s schooling, simplifying the tax code. “We must not become the party of austerity; we must become the party of growth,” he concluded.Mr Jindal has given variations on this speech at several big Republican gatherings of late, in preparation, it is assumed, for a presidential run in 2016. It is a cheerier message than the dour book-keeping exemplified by Paul Ryan, the Republicans’ most prominent fiscal hawk and another possible contender. Moreover, Mr Jindal makes an attractive messenger in many ways. The son of Indian immigrants, he has the same sort of uplifting life story as that on which Marco Rubio, a senator from Florida and another rising Republican star,…

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