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Citrix Ready – Open-E Data Storage Software V6 promotional offer

Open-E, Inc. is one of the pioneering leaders and developers of IP-based storage management software. The Open-E® DSS V6™ and Open-E DSS V6 Lite™ line of products enjoy a reputation for best-in-class performance, flexibility, reliability, scalability and return-on-investment and are known for their robust architecture, ease-of-use and affordability. Open-E Data Storage Software (DSS) V6 has been verified for Citrix®XenServerTM (Version 5.6) and is now designated Citrix Ready, providing confidence in joint solution compatibility.

As a part of a special promotional offer from Open-E, two free of cost NFR (Not For Resale) versions of Open-E DSS V6 with unlimited TB of storage are now available for all Citrix professionals. This offer is valid until March 31, 2011. Citrix experts will have the opportunity to work with the powerful iSCSI SAN software and will be able to build shared storage for training and performing demos with Citrix XenServer Version 5.6. Open-E DSS V6 works effectively and offers secure access to storage and straightforward interface to iSCSI SAN.

For more information about Open-E DSS V6 please visit Open-E Data Storage Software V6 on the Open-E website.

How you can qualify for this promotional offer:

The accepted certificates for two free Open-E DSS V6 licenses are:

  • CCA Citrix Certified Administrator
  • CCAA Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator
  • CCIA Citrix Certified Integration Architect

Certified professionals can receive the licenses by sending an e-mail with a copy of one of the above mentioned certificates to certification@open-e.com.

Learn more about Open-E DSS V6 verified for Citrix XenServer Version 5.6 through the resources listed below:

  1. Citrix Ready Catalog – Product page and Profile page.
  2. Video – Open-E DSS V6 iSCSI-Failover with Xen-Server (video of a recent Webinar about the use of Open-E DSS V6 iSCSI Failover with a XenServer, available in English and German)
  3. How-to Ressource – “Open-E DSS V6: How to setup iSCSI Failover with XenServer
  4. Press Release – “Open-E DSS V6 is verified as Citrix Ready” (available in English and German)

Write to us at CitrixReady@citrix.com should you have any questions. And catch more partner updates from Open-E and others on Twitter. Leave your comments and feedback for Open-E DSS V6 here, have you tried this solution yet?

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