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Tip 1106: Outlook’s Restore Window button doesn’t work? | Outlook Tips How to fix a problems with Outlook’s Restore button. Outlook appears to use only Minimized or Maximized. When the Restore button is clicked, Outlook disappears.  Read More →

Tip 1105: Attachments are opening in full screen | Outlook Tips Outlook attachments open at full screen when using Windows 8. How to change the default program to a desktop application.  Read More →

Configure IMAP accounts with Outlook.com | Outlook Tips How to set up an Outlook.com account to connect using IMAP. Can be used to import email to the Outlook.com servers.  Read More →

Missing your Outlook 2013 navigation pane? | Outlook Tips If you lost your navigation pane after installing the September patches, you’ll get it back after you install the August 13 2013 hotfix.  Read More →

Missing Contact Groups in Outlook 2013 | Outlook Tips Create a Quick Step to send email to a group of contacts, instead of using a Contact Group.Works great to replace Contact Groups in Outlook.com accounts.  Read More →

Tip 1104: How to create “Not” rules | Outlook Tips Outlook’s rules are great… well, maybe good. Or just OK… I don’t deny that there is room for improvement, but you can do a lot with the rules that are available. One frequent question is how to create a NOT rule – how to apply a rule to all mail that doesn’t meet a condition.…  Read More →

Tip 1099: Outlook 2013 Upgrade to Color Categories doesn’t work | Outlook Tips The Upgrade to color categories feature doesn’t work as expected in Outlook 2013. When you open an existing pst or import categorized items into Outlook 2013 and run upgrade to color categories, the categories are not added to the Master category list.  Read More →

Tip 1098: Searching for messages from a contact | Outlook Tips When you needed to find messages and other Outlook items associated with a contact in older versions of Outlook, you could use the Activities page on the contact see everything linked to that contact. However, Activities was removed from Outlook 2013. While the People Pane replaces some of the functionality of Activities, it is limited…  Read More →

Tip 1097: Outlook folders named “the file so that changes to the file will be reflected in your item” | Outlook Tips Outlook is creating duplicate folders in the folder list, is creating folders named <0w>, or folders named “the file so that changes to the file will be reflected in your item”.  Read More →

Tip 1096: Hide Events on your Outlook Calendar | Outlook Tips This request came from an Outlook user: Ideally, I would like to be able to right click an event and have an option to “hide this event” from my view. I haven’t been able to figure out a way to create a custom view that hides the events I don’t want to see without hiding…  Read More →