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Like any major trade show, OpenWorld has been in planning for a long time. However, this OpenWorld might be the most planned show of its kind ever, because in addition to the extravaganza taking place in the Moscone Center, many of the hotels in the area and even in closed-off streets, an important sideshow and object lesson — America’s Cup — is taking place in San Francisco... (more...)

Mike Durney Dice Holdings, operator of multiple niche job boards, changes leaders next week, when current CFO Michael Durney takes over as CEO and president. Chairman, CEO, and President Scot Melland steps down September 30 after a dozen years in the top company job. He will stay on as a company director. Both Durney and Melland have overseen the growth of well-known tech career site Dice.com into... (more...)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe its worth a few hires as well. Jim Stroud, Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy for Bernard Hodes Group, LLC will explore the possibilities of how online photos can be leveraged for a recruitment and sourcing advantage. In a 1-hour webinar, Jim Stroud will explore reasons why photos are increasingly relevant to a sourcing strategy, give a high-level... (more...)

The holiday season is upon us; even those uninitiated in the ways and means of retail can see it in the Halloween decorations and candy that are now so plentiful on store shelves. For the initiated — that is, anyone who expects to make a buck off of the holiday shoppers this year — not only is the season here, but plans to address it are already in place. “Address,” of... (more...)

For technical recruiters, the hardest part of the job is often maintaining a full pipeline of quality candidates. We’ve all heard the advice: Use the power of referrals, be considerate when messaging passive candidates, and seek out developers among online and offline community groups. But in a market where the largest tech companies need to fill more than 2,000 developer positions a year, it takes... (more...)

It’s no surprise that today’s CEO expects the company “C-Suite” to have both breadth and depth of personal and professional skills.  The CFO has to be more than just a great accountant, the CMO must be more than a great marketeer, and the CTO must be more than a technical and development expert.   The Executive Leadership Team has the responsibility to analyze, interpret,... (more...)

Commence earlier this month debuted version 5.5 of its CRM application with key enhancements including a new internal chat system, new Microsoft Word and calendar integrations, and a click-to-dial feature on mobile phones. Commence provides an array of CRM tools, including salesforce features and, for a unique twist, a project management component as well on its platform — in short, whatever... (more...)

Many in business and most in talent management fail to realize that as soon as you open your mouth, it’s immediately obvious to almost all leaders and executives whether you are “strategic” and “know the business.” If you have ever been a CEO or senior executive (as I have), you already know that strategic individuals use a completely different language than the tactical “doers” who... (more...)

In a blog post Saturday, LinkedIn denied charges in a federal lawsuit that it hacked into users’ email accounts collecting addresses of their contacts in order to send them marketing messages. “Quite simply, this is not true,” writes Blake Lawit, senior director, litigation at LinkedIn. He was responding to a class action suit filed last week that alleges LinkedIn accessed users’... (more...)

This week, we’re talking cool. Maybe it’s because Fall starts Sunday or maybe it’s because the coolest show in HR — HR Tech — starts a week after that. Mostly, though, it’s because this PR email came in about the coolest offices in the world, which really isn’t about the whole world, but the offices are, well, not like yours and mine. First, though, is this... (more...)