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This week, we’re talking cool. Maybe it’s because Fall starts Sunday or maybe it’s because the coolest show in HR — HR Tech — starts a week after that. Mostly, though, it’s because this PR email came in about the coolest offices in the world, which really isn’t about the whole world, but the offices are, well, not like yours and mine. First, though, is this... (more...)

Editor’s note: Cody Voellinger is founder and principal of RockIt Recruiting in San Francisco. The IT specialty firm is developing a reputation for its innovative, engaging, and unconventional candidate marketing. In this post, Cody explains the rationale and the results. Cody Voellinger Recruiting in the hyper-competitive Silicon Valley start-up market requires that we are constantly looking... (more...)

A subtext to the marketing automation explosion is analytics. Having a CRM system might make you wonder why marketing automation is needed at all, but the reasons boil down to analysis and improved data collection. Let me share some information from a new marketing study. First, the data: We asked marketers if they used CRM, marketing automation and business intelligence to process marketing... (more...)

Just weeks after purchasing Neolane, Adobe on Thursday pushed further into marketing automation with the launch of Adobe Social, an application that expands the company’s integrations with social networking sites and pretty much gives users a 360-degree view of their customers. Integrated with Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram and LinkedIn, Social will, in essence, enable real-time monitoring... (more...)

Dear Barb: It’s getting harder and harder to fill our orders. I place in IT and we are only filling 30% of our orders. It makes me crazy that we’re leaving so much money on the table. Do I start a new niche or do I continue to struggle to find candidates that everyone seems to be having a hard time finding? Frustrated in San Francisco (more…) About the author: Barb Bruno, CPC, CTS, is one... (more...)

Jody Ordioni wrote a prescient view about the ROI of social recruiting which posted Monday morning. Monday night I discovered first hand just how prescient, at a recruiting roundtable that marked the opening of the ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo. I moderated two separate discussions of social media issues in 90 minutes. ROI concerns were uppermost in the minds of the recruiting leaders who joined... (more...)

Nudge, a marketing application designed for the real estate space, has released an update that incorporates Instagram into its offerings. The integration expands the application’s photo and visual bona fides, not surprisingly — but also expands Nudge’s potential audience, since its inclusion makes the app flexible enough to be used by any business. To understand how the Instagram... (more...)

I spent a day last week in Boston attending a conference called the “Inbound Marketing Summit” organized by my friend and former analyst Allen Bonde. Inbound marketing IMHO is taking off in some important dimensions. Inbound marketing is a cool idea that’s been pushed by multiple companies recently. For instance, HubSpot held its user meeting early in the summer, and it was all inbound... (more...)

Last-click attribution assigns the entire value of a conversion to the last campaign the consumer clicked prior to converting. Naturally, last-click attribution favors campaigns that influence the lower-end of the funnel. In contrast, first-click attribution favors campaigns that influence earlier in the funnel. Both are simple to use and are widely supported by analytics tools, and they are the most... (more...)

Fundraising and marketing: Are they the same thing or are they worlds apart? The answer you get to this question varies depending on who you ask, but one thing’s for sure: The two work really well together if they are integrated properly. During a recent Bridge Conference in National Harbor, Md., Dave Perrett of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts and Kerri Kerr of Avalon Consulting... (more...)