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The holiday season is upon us; even those uninitiated in the ways and means of retail can see it in the Halloween decorations and candy that are now so plentiful on store shelves. For the initiated — that is, anyone who expects to make a buck off of the holiday shoppers this year — not only is the season here, but plans to address it are already in place. “Address,” of... (more...)

Commence earlier this month debuted version 5.5 of its CRM application with key enhancements including a new internal chat system, new Microsoft Word and calendar integrations, and a click-to-dial feature on mobile phones. Commence provides an array of CRM tools, including salesforce features and, for a unique twist, a project management component as well on its platform — in short, whatever... (more...)

Real-time bidding holds numerous benefits for mobile marketers, but there are downsides to the ad technology as well. In particular, the dominant theme to that downside is that RTB — at least for mobile ad formats and mobile platforms — is still in its early days. More specifically, while the technology may have been around for several years, it’s only recently that it has... (more...)

Top brands continue to push the envelope in customer service generally, but that’s particularly true in the online sphere. So reports StellaService, which just this week published new data that ranks the top retailers in terms of customer service performance over the last month. “Some of these guys are consistently at the top of their category,” said Kevon Hills, StellaService’s... (more...)

When the expected surge in mobile video advertising arrives, it’s not just consumers who will have adjustments to make. Rather, marketers will also have to make some changes to accommodate the growth in this up-and-coming format. In this new world, the motto will be “short and sweet” — as in 15 seconds, said Anthony Iacovone, founder and CEO of AdTheorent. “Ads... (more...)

Wireless customers are generally much happier with the quality of service they receive from providers via the companies’ self-service websites than through other outlets, a new survey from J.D. Power reveals. In addition, they’re happiest with AT&T among service providers, the study found. The semiannual report — which was split into the Wireless Purchase Experience Full-Service... (more...)

SugarCRM and BroadVision have teamed up to integrate their respective products — SugarCRM’s namesake CRM app and BroadVision’s Clearvale enterprise social networking platform — to give users a fuller view of what is happening in the enterprise, the companies announced this week. This is not a full-bore integration between the two products, however. Rather, at various... (more...)

Millennial Media announced on Tuesday that it will acquire competitor Jumptap in a stock transaction worth approximately $225 million. Under the terms of the agreement, Jumptap shareholders will receive approximately 24.6 million shares of Millennial Media. The combined company will be able to offer a number of services in this space, including targeting, video, rich-media, cross-screen, programmatic... (more...)

As an onslaught of mobile video ads threatens the digital advertising landscape, it’s sobering enough to realize that more than a few brands are not fully prepared. Even more concerning, however, is that our wireless infrastructure is not ready for it, either. Perhaps worst of all, consumers do not appear eager to shoulder the burden of this ad format and the bandwidth it gobbles up. What,... (more...)

Nice Systems has introduced a Contact Center Video Recording platform to its Nice Interaction Management suite. While not in great demand yet, this feature surely will draw more interest if customer service and regulatory trends continue on their current trajectory. The feature allows organizations — banks and financial institutions, in particular — to monitor and track customer... (more...)