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How many times a day does the typical hiring authority pick up the phone and hear “Hi. This is Hyram Now from Gottagetem Associates. Any job openings I can help you with?” or “I’ve just recruited a candidate who’d be perfect for your company.” These openers are so robotic that it’s amazing nobody has installed one of those lovable electronic phone prospectors.... (more...)

Editor’s note: Cody Voellinger is founder and principal of RockIt Recruiting in San Francisco. The IT specialty firm is developing a reputation for its innovative, engaging, and unconventional candidate marketing. In this post, Cody explains the rationale and the results. Cody Voellinger Recruiting in the hyper-competitive Silicon Valley start-up market requires that we are constantly looking... (more...)

Today’s Roundup is about attraction. Both kinds. What do you mean, “What do you mean both kinds?”? (Grammar police are investigating that questionable mark usage.) This is about recruiting, so the first kind is that between hiring manager and Ms. or Mr. Mostly Perfect Candidate. What is it that led the hiring manager to offer the job to X instead of Y, both of whom have the requisite... (more...)

Creating and maintaining an invigorating company culture is essential not only for recruiting and staffing companies, but for every organization that wishes to be successful. The culture of your work environment both reflects and influences the commitment and dependability of your employees. Here we’ve consolidated a few of the most foundational aspects of an effective company culture. Collaboration First... (more...)

When it comes to your workplace, it is important that your employees are happy because this will increase productivity. Keeping things civil between you and your coworkers is an easy way to make where you work a less hostile environment.

Exchanging a smile with a coworker and pleasantries such as ‘hi’ or ‘have a great weekend’ can go a long way. A short pleasant exchange with a coworker (even if you’re not friends) can boost productivity and creativity as well as reduce stress. Below are a few tips for keeping your office environment more civil:

  • Address issues privately
  • Thank employees for their contributions to your project
  • Share credit when it comes to group work
  • Take responsibilities for your mistakes
  • When someone is speaking to you, give him or her, your full, undivided attention.

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A rapidly changing legal landscape is making the application, interview and screening processes increasingly complicated – and potentially dangerous for employers, which includes staffing firms and may also include recruiters working on a client search. Here are the top five legal hazards in hiring and background screening that turned up during the first half of 2013: 1. EEOC Guidance and the Use... (more...)

As long as I have been in business, hiring managers have been trying to pin a magic number on job candidates in the hope it will indicate future job performance. Sometimes that number is a GPA, combined test score, or even past earnings. Now we have the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) … a test given to new college graduates and scored like the SAT. But guess what? Magic numbers are just that... (more...)

Is a degree from Harvard worth more than one from Oklahoma State? By how much? A year at Harvard costs $52,650 versus about $9,000 at OSU. So is a graduate of Harvard almost six times better than one of OSU? You may soon be able to tell, courtsey of a new test called the Collegiate Learning Assessment that supposedly provides an objective, benchmarked report card for critical-thinking skills. (more…)  Read More →

Do you ever wonder what candidates truly think about your recruiting process?  You probably have an automated system in place to make it easy on applicants, perhaps you have a career portal with what you think is all the information they need, and you make sure you’re asking the right questions during the interview process.  But how much is all of this really paying off?  Are candidates as complimentary... (more...)

Hiring is like meeting a new guy or girl you like for the first time. This wonderful person walks into your office and the two of you make a perfect connection right off the bat. You like the other person’s vibe, how the person looks, and he or she seems to fit all your necessary requirements. You know how many business owners and hiring managers say, “I just really like the candidate, I think... (more...)