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We are developing at a rapid clip over here at cBizSoft!  Exelare just keeps getting better and better every day.  We released a big update over the weekend with some great new features, updates to existing features, and even squashed a few bugs as well!  Log in and check things out! Here’s what’s included in the most recent update to Exelare: Dashboards Our amazing development team has been... (more...)

Tip 1077: Outlook 2013 Touch mode | Outlook Tips Outlook is not fully touch enabled and there are a number of things you can’t do just with your fingers; you need to use the Touch bar or a pen.  Read More →

Tip 1076: How to reuse Draft messages | Outlook Tips How to use draft messages as templates in Outlook by either Forwarding or Copy and Paste the draft message in-place.  Read More →

photo from Boeing Diversity recruiting poses a particular challenge for employers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. STEM majors are a small group in high demand, and employers are faced with the question of how to differentiate themselves and to attract an even narrower subset of these students: top diversity talent. The lack of diverse employees in STEM fields in... (more...)

While confusion seems to reign among recruiting leaders on how to build effective sourcing strategies, Donna Quintal at Sears Holdings Corporation has been able to craft a powerful set of analytics over the past few years to help predict where hiring will occur before the requisitions appear and what sorts of candidate communities should be cultivated to meet expected needs. What Donna has done anyone... (more...)

Tip 1075: Scanpst.exe in Outlook 2013 | Outlook Tips Where to look for scanpst in Outlook 2013.  Read More →

A retention toolkit for innovators Corporate executives are beginning to learn the high value of innovators, which can be 5 to 300 times the value of an average employee. If a company doesn’t have enough innovators, a primary option is recruiting them. In a previous related article, I highlighted how you can successfully hire innovators. But that knowledge alone isn’t sufficient because you have... (more...)

We have all seen the stats: more and more people are using smartphones and tablets to connect to the web. We probably all use our own mobile phone to interact online every day. But what does this mean for recruitment? Do people use their handheld devices to research companies and find their next job? (more…)  Read More →

It’s not often talked about, but your company has a secret weapon when it comes to social media marketing: you. HR, though not traditionally considered a department positioned to drive external business, is, whether it’s intentional or not, finding a new purpose on social networks like Facebook. Suddenly, the department best known for finding and managing relationships with internal people (employees)... (more...)

The ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo is less than a month away. Here’s how Spring ERE is shaping up right now: Compared to the same time last year, there are 86% more in-house recruiting professionals registered. Attendees who are at manager level and above represent 72% of the registered in-house recruitment professionals (compared to 56% last year), and most of those are directors and VPs. I... (more...)