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According to the latest industry report from TrainingMag.com, total expenditures in training are on the rise. The amount spent on training jumped about 13% from 2010, including increases in overall training budgets and payroll, and spending on outside products and services. Sharlyn Lauby of the ITM Group presents on how to incorporate four learning trends into your organization.  Read More →

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued an urgent warning about a major ransomware campaign after being “inundated” with complaints from US consumers locked out of their PCs.

Awareness has enhanced its social marketing automation suite, Social Marketing Hub, with a new feature called “social scoring.” The feature allows marketers and brands to identify, store and rank prospects across all the major social networks based on scoring criteria they define. It is a deliberate change from the fluffy metrics typically associated with social marketing — such... (more...)

Now that Software as a Service and the broader cloud computing concept have gained widespread recognition and acceptance, it will be interesting to see whether online marketplaces will become a preferred method for acquiring these on-demand resources. Given the proliferation of SaaS/cloud providers and solutions, it makes sense that many IT and business decision makers would like to take advantage... (more...)

A former programmer for Goldman Sachs has been charged again with pilfering sensitive source code despite his successful appeal in April of his US Federal Court trial outcome.

Have you ever gotten on an elevator and had to stand there floor after floor while some jerk is practically breathing in your face while discussing their personal affairs over a cell phone that keeps cutting out on them? Oh yeah. It’s times like that we wish the same death upon them as befell Nora Carpenter. So it was with great glee we discovered this week we are not alone. CareerBuilder says... (more...)

Blizzard Entertainment, maker of popular multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft, has warned its internal network was breached, revealing scrambled passwords and email addresses.

Here are some basic truths about people regarding hiring and getting hired: There are very few people who have an economic need to look for another job, are willing to take a lateral transfer, and are high achievers. Yet most companies spend most of their time and resources looking for these kinds of people. For proof, look at any 20 job postings on Dice, Simplyhired.com, LinkedIn, or Indeed.com and... (more...)

Cybersleuths at Kaspersky Lab have announced the unmasking of yet another apparently state-sponsored cyber-weapon dubbed ‘Gauss’ which appears to be attacking banks and individuals in a number of Middle-Eastern countries but not, for once, the usual target, Iran.

Suppose corporate needs your bank’s routing and account numbers to get you set up for direct deposits. Or the IT department needs your password to upgrade or modify your account.