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With many states across the country having success with the Gives Day movement, Alabama has decided to join the fun for the first time. The Montgomery Advertiser reported Sunday that the first annual Alabama Gives Day will begin on Thursday, Feb. 2.  Beginning at 12:01 a.m., Alabamians will be able to donate to charities via an online portal alabamagivesday.org.  More than 800 nonprofits... (more...)

Diversity has become the goal at every level of American life. Efforts to promote it have been rightfully applauded. Here’s the real question: Are organizations correctly handling these efforts? One reason people flock toward nonprofit jobs is the diversity in culture and the working backgrounds they support. There is a bigger lesson organizations missed if they are only promoting diversity for... (more...)

For years employers have been screening candidates based on content on social networking websites. Candidates using poor judgment online may be screened out of the process.  Now employers and recruiters are turning to social media to aid in the selection of knowledgeable and well-connected employees. Klout measures an individual’s influence across social media entities, such as Twitter.  Data... (more...)

The World Economic Forum, one of the largest gathering of business and political types, began last week in Davos, Switzerland.  Where there is talk of money, philanthropy will naturally become a central topic. The New York Times wrote a blog post last Friday about a panel discussion at the forum on the role technology plays in philanthropy.  Hosted by the Victor Pinchuck... (more...)

The last thing anybody expected was controversy at the September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center.  But that’s exactly what has happened after a former employee received a severance package. The Wall Street Journal reported today that Joan Garner, former executive vice president of design and construction at the memorial, received $296,565 in compensation after... (more...)

Missing Date Picker in Outlook’s Print Options Dialog (Outlook Tip 949) | Outlook Daily Tips The Print Options dialog in Outlook 2010 does not have date pickers available when selecting a range. I recently was upgraded to Outlook 2010. When I wanted to print a calendar in Outlook, I clicked in the date box and a small calendar would pop up to select the dates from. This has disappeared in Outlook... (more...)

Cross-Posted From Nonprofit Jobs Looking for a nonprofit job in sunny Atlanta, GA?  The Southern Education Foundation (SEF) has just the position for you. Effective immediately, SEF is looking for a highly motivated candidate to fill its brand new Higher Education Research and Policy Analyst role.  This position is being created to help expand SEF’s ability to conduct... (more...)

Despite a push for change, the Manassas City Councils has decided to stick with its current method of funding nonprofit and arts groups. The Washington Post reported yesterday that the Council voted unanimously to keep its current funding method rather than switch to another that is used in Prince William County.  That system appoints a citizen panel to make recommendations on which nonprofit... (more...)

O&O AutoBackup (free in January 2012; $30 with a 30-day free trial starting in February 2012) is a generally easy-to-use backup program with one feature especially handy for frequent users of external drives. It will back up any data you choose, automatically, without user intervention, when you insert a removable drive you’ve defined as the repository for your backup. That’s a neat trick, but the program is otherwise limited in ability, suffers a number of design oversights, and occasionally employs unexplained and possibly confusing language.

Google’s decision this week to share user data across its online services has caught the attention of eight members of the US House of Representatives, with the lawmakers asking whether the changes will compromise privacy.