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Microsoft has issued an out-of-band fix for a vulnerability in its ASP.NET web platform that could allow an attacker to launch a successful DoS attack on a server using a nothing more sophisticated than a stream of 100kb files.

The Stuxnet worm was built on the same platform used from 2007 onwards to create a family of cyber-weapon-like malware including the recently-discovered Duqu worm, a forensic analysis by Kaspersky Lab researchers has concluded.

Editor’s note: Brian Kevin Johnston’s article was the most popular article on The Fordyce Letter in 2011. It originally ran in March. I “fired” a candidate during the interview/offer process, and I am 100% convinced the only reason I still earned the fee was because… (are you listening?) I emotionally “checked out” of the torment and refocused my efforts on the things in my... (more...)

Search for Email Sent To or From a Domain | Outlook Daily Tips An Outlook user asked how to create a search for a messages sent to or from a domain (eg “@company.com”) and include not only email sent to and from himself, but also messages that he was CC’d on. There are three options which will work to varying degrees: 1. A search folder. Choose the ‘To or From’ predefined... (more...)

Editor’s note: Paul DeBettignies’ article was the 2nd most popular article on The Fordyce Letter in 2011. It originally ran in March. I know, I know… smile and dial. More phone calls equal more job orders, candidates and send outs. More send outs equal more placements. I get it – I really do. But after thirteen years as a sole practitioner, I have learned that I need to get... (more...)

For many companies, the role of the PMO seems like an enigma. Sure, everyone knows that PMOs exist to streamline project operations so time and money aren’t wasted, but what do they actually do? Failure to answer this question has led many companies to question the value of the PMO in the years after its establishment. However, the burden of proof is on the PMO — not the executives... (more...)

How would you get an elephant into a refrigerator? Think that’s an odd question? How about this one: What do you think of garden gnomes? Glassdoor has 23 more questions just like those, compiled from thousands of interview questions posted to the employer review site during the last year by job seekers, some charmed, others perplexed, and some completely flummoxed by these kinds of oddball questions. Pity... (more...)

After seven years of a neck-and-neck race for first place in customer satisfaction, Amazon has pulled decisively ahead of Netflix, according to ForeSee’s annual Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index. Amazon moved ahead 2 points to reach the top spot with 88 on the index’s 100-point scale. Netflix slid 7 points to 79. Amazon’s 88 score is an all-time high for the 14-year-old index.... (more...)

Listen up SINCE the 2010 mid-term elections, “tea party” Republicans have enjoyed influence out of proportion to their numbers. They forced Barack Obama and congressional Democrats to accept spending cuts without any tax increases to keep the government from shutting down in April, 2011, and from defaulting on its bills in August.This intransigence, however, backfired rather spectacularly... (more...)

AT EVERY stop that Rick Santorum makes in Iowa he pointedly reminds prospective voters that he is the only Republican presidential candidate to have visited all 99 of the state’s counties. He will not be able make that boast for long, however: Michele Bachmann, one of his rivals, is in the middle of a bus tour that will whizz her through the full complement in just ten days. The other candidates... (more...)