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We live in a society of instant gratification.  That’s why e-mail and other digital means of communication have become so popular.  This has led to the perception that direct mail is yesterday’s news.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Although it may be seen as a relic of the past, direct mail still performs as one of the most cost-effective and wide-reaching... (more...)

Reply to a Message with a Meeting Request | Outlook Daily Tips Outlook Tip 926: Outlook 2010 introduces an often-requested new feature: Reply with a Meeting Request “Can I create an appointment from an email with all the people from the email? Example: I get an email with 5 people in the to/cc lines. I want to right-click and select Create Meeting and Invite These People. Outlook creates an appointment... (more...)

If you have been to the Nonprofit Jobseeker recently, you may have noticed some changes.  That’s because the career center home of The NonProfit Times has undergone a complete redesign.  All of the same features that were on the site before are still there, but now it’s in the same style as the NPT home page, giving the site a much more familiar feel. At the top of the redesigned... (more...)

IRS regulations call for compensation comparables The IRS is pushing to get more accurate information regarding nonprofit executive compensation. Form 990, which most 501(c)3 organizations must file annually, reflects the increased interest from IRS. The NonProfit Times and Bluewater have compiled the most current salary and benefits information available for the nonprofit sector. Select... (more...)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, you are probably aware of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that have been going on around the world.  You probably have at least a vague idea of what sparked the protests: Anger over a perceived unfair financial system.  A system that a few years ago led to the worst economic crisis since... (more...)

A nonprofit in Portage, Indiana is defending a $500 contribution to the local Mayor’s re-election campaign.  An article on PortageCommunity.com reported that Bert Cook, executive director of the Portage Economic Development Corp (PEDCO)., said they did not consider the participation in a Sept. 19 golf outing as a campaign contribution to incumbent Democratic Mayor Olga Velazquez,... (more...)

In our “Parable of Detroit” (October 22nd), we were a little unfair to note that there were “an awful lot of white faces” at Tech Town. The business accelerator points out that 65% of its new clients this year are from minorities, and that it has recently set up a fund for women- and minority-owned businesses.  Read More →

“ZERO-zero-zero is better than nine-nine-nine,” claims Rick Santorum, a Republican presidential candidate, trying to outbid the tax plan of his rival Herman Cain. Mr Santorum’s is not the only effort at one-upmanship: “I’ll bump plans with you, brother,” Rick Perry, another contender, told Mr Cain before unveiling a proposal for a flat tax this week (see above). Yet another of the... (more...)

THE city is beautiful. Some of its architecture is spectacular; the dome of the state capitol resembles a Vatican basilica. The Susquehanna river flows impressively alongside Front Street. But Pennsylvania’s capital has hellish financial problems. Because of a crippling $300m debt connected to the city-owned rubbish incinerator, Harrisburg faces bankruptcy—and may well be taken over by the... (more...)

THE corner shop on South Honore and West 59th in Englewood is an uninviting sort of place. Those windows that are not bricked up are covered in heavy security grilles; the shopkeeper hides behind a Plexiglas wall. Most of what is on offer is either packaged or carbonated, and is always processed.This part of Chicago’s South Side is in the heart of one of America’s many food deserts. These... (more...)