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Tip 916: Using Additional Addresses with Hotmail Live | Outlook Daily Tips Hotmail allows you to configure additional addresses in your account, and you can set one as the default for new messages and replies. Alternatively, you can choose which address is used for replies. When you have more than one email account, you can have all mail delivered to a Hotmail account and reply from the additional... (more...)

Bank of America may have hoped it could quietly slip a $5 fee past its customers. If so, it was woefully wrong. This week, the bank announced it would charge debit card customers a $5 monthly fee when they use their cards to purchase goods. The bank pointed to new financial regulations as a reason. Customers, for their part, quickly did the math: The bank would be docking them $60 a year to... (more...)

The October 1st issue of The NonProfit Times has just been posted online.  This issue features a special focus on healthcare and nonprofits.  Here are some of the articles you can expect to see in this edition of NPT: Special Report: Fundraising In A Recession Is A ‘Capital’ Idea: Flexibility is still resonating with donors. It’s A Miraculous Turnaround For International... (more...)

When Congress was discussing ways to decrease the nation’s deficit this summer, one proposal that came out of the White House was to cap itemized deductions at 28 percent for individuals in the highest two tax rates.  This proposal was met with heavy resistance from nonprofit organizations, and the proposal was eventually excluded from the final bill that passed Congress.  The rejoicing... (more...)

Iran has threatened cyber-retaliation against its three most-cited enemies, the US, the UK and Israel, according to Iranian news agency, Ahlul Bayt.

Research out of the UK today says that perhaps as many as 200,00 people have been victims of online romance scams and the same study says over 1 million people personally know someone who has been scammed by one of these heartless fraudsters.

This time when the phone rang, I knew who was calling. Benjamin was punctual and anxious to get started. During our last session, Ben and I had covered two of the five points in the Monitoring Star. We had discussed, in detail, Yearly Goals and Quarterly Goals. Now it was time to discuss the final three points of the star: The Daily Planner; Modularization & Blitzing; and The 100 Point Sheet.... (more...)

StayinFront has been offering users mobile functionality for 10 years. However, its apps were not optimized for the latest generation of mobile devices, Ken Arbadji, vice president of North American sales, is quick to acknowledge — such as the iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices. So, earlier this year, the company introduced a new mobile platform for its CRM verticals, StayinFront... (more...)

Many organizations pursuing lower overhead costs and improved customer service are adapting their business models to the cloud. However, some fail to realize that this move only pays off when monetization models change as well. Productization, enrollment, payment capture and customer support are inherently different in a cloud environment, and go-to-market strategies have to reflect this. Billing... (more...)

Mobile exploits have doubled this year as opposed to 2010 and we should particularly watch out for mobile applications that are really malware, says IBM’s X-Force security research team.