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Big accomplishment often catapults the person behind it to a position of influence in the industry. This is true of the high powered HR VPs who have worked over years to achieve industry prominence. It also happens to entrepreneurs who sell their companies. Susan Strayer, Marriott International’s Senior Director, Global Employer Brand and Marketing, is going places fast because of what she accomplishes.... (more...)

iSEEK is a search utility that combines a number of features that analyze your search results with each query. As a result you can drill down on specific areas of interest to produce targeted, filtered and highly relevant results.

iSEEK is included in the G-Recruiters’ Dashboard collection of search engines found in the Search Bar, filed under Deep Web.

This playlist runs through some of the basic features but, to see it applied in recruiting scenarios, check out the Become a Search Whiz series of webinars and recordings over on our sister site BROWN BAG RECRUITER. Better still, try it yourself.

[Can't see the playlist? View it on YouTube]

If you want to learn more visit iSEEK’s website here ›

Influence is not celebrity (although celebrities can be influential). As we’ve seen throughout this long running series, influence is not a Klout score, a stock value on EmpireAvenue or even (gasp) a Traackr score (like we currently use in our automated rankings). Each of these is a useful way to learn about people and their impact. The rise of social media thrust a bunch of people into the limelight... (more...)

Here are few examples of what you can do with custom search:

  • G-Recruiters Profile Finder A useful way to search for people, by skill sets and job titles etc. with results coming back from resume databases social networks, personal homepages, blogs and so on.
  • G-Recruiters Gurus’ String Finder A fun tool for people who want to see how the best practitioners put search syntax together plus excellent tips and tutorials for the masters.
  • G-Recruiters Microblog Search A search engine for finding people and topics from Twitteresque sites from around the globe.
  • Vertical Intelligence is a series of “blog-enabled” search engines. This site links to different types of example and includes a video tutorial that will walk you through the steps of creating your own.

And to round things off…search on the fly!

[No video? See it on YouTube]