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ING customers in Poland targeted by malware

A version of the Zeus malware that intercepts one-time passcodes sent by SMS (Short Message Service) is targeting customers of the financial institution ING in Poland.

Takes new direction with ‘SafeZone’

Czech security company Avast Software is adding virtualised security to the forthcoming version of its paid antivirus software in an attempt to woo consumers worried about attacks on online banking by Trojans such as Zeus/SpyEye.

Céad Mile Fáilte…

That’s Irish for welcome btw – Well, it actually means a hundred thousand welcomes but that’s just how the Irish roll

Get to the point already I hear you say.. ok ok, just wanted to share a couple of observations on the funky new welcome screen that you get with XD5 (one of the new featuers of the new VDA v5). See below:

1. It is enabled by default but can be disabled by Group Policy if desired:

-User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Don’t run specified Windows applications (WelcomeScreen.exe)
-WelcomeScreen.ADM (available from XD Forums)

2. You can play with it and have lots of fun…

Just browse to the %SystemRoot%\Program Files\Citrix\ICAService\Content dir on your VDA and go for it!!!

Heres one I made earlier…

Citrix Support on:
Twitter – @citrixsupport & @citrixreadiness

I was taught long ago that “whatever you focus on expands,” and I wish I could credit the teacher. You have probably all heard something similar in the past. In this article I am going to do my best to put this concept into practical terms for the recruiting industry. Based on many conversations and my own personal observations, the recruiting industry is coming back nicely. Many of my clients... (more...)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides customers with rich sales force automation capabilities in addition to marketing automation, customer data management, customer service and analytics, Bill Patterson, director of product management for Microsoft Dynamics, told CRM Buyer. It offers customers the choice of an on-premises deployment, partner-hosted option or cloud-based option. Microsoft Dynamics... (more...)

Student exposes security flaws in directory server

A Princeton University student who discovered the school’s LDAP server exposed private student information to the public has shut down access to that information on his website after the school tightened security.

Update: DirectEmployers says it uses  Google Analytics for its traffic counts. “Quantcast code is installed on only 162 of the more than 40,000 domains we have operational,” reports DirectEMployers spokeswoman Nancy Holland in an email this morning.  ”In the future we plan to have all .jobs domains tracked by Quantcast.” DirectEmployers Association, operator of the 40,000... (more...)

  If you are considering VDI or any kind of Desktop Virtualization solution, chances are you have heard about HDX, ICA, RDP, PCoIP, VNC, etc etc.  Perhaps however you have not had a chance to use HDX first hand or at your location. Or you may be a solution provider, reseller, consultant or knowledgeable IT Pro that knows the benefits of HDX and ICA over the alternatives but have not been able to demonstrate it easily to others.
It is now possible to install and use HDX with only two LAN connected PC’s or Virtual Machines. PC to PC, PC to VM or VM to VM. If you have a test rig with a few VMs ( ESX, XenServer, Hyper-V, whatever ) just install the Host MSI in the VM and the Client Receiver MSI on any PC and you can be up and running in less than ten minutes.  It is intended for LAN evaluation but can also work over a WAN with a VPN connection. So if you have hesitated evaluating a full XenDesktop Proof of Concept and just want to kick to tires on HDX, this is your answer. An easy step up from HDX Connect is the XenDesktop Express for up to ten users. ( See everything you need for free VDI

The best way to get HDX Connect now is from your local Citrix Solution Advisor, Citrix Rep or SE ( or maybe a friendly CTP ). If you haven’t reached out in a while, this could be a good time to talk. If you are an authorized Citrix Advisor, you can find the HDX Connect Demo in the demo section of the sales kits on MyCitrix.  

Right now only Windows 7 Pro and XP Pro are supported. No Windows Home or Server editions, Mac, or tablets, however let us know if you think it makes sense for these alternatives. There is a 4 hour session limit and then a 5 minute cool off, plus ULA restrictions so keep that in mind. HDX Connect Demo is not intended for production use, however I expect many ingenious IT Pros may find interesting use cases and ask for something more so let us know what you think.     



There’s all sorts of tools for sourcing candidates. Much beloved are the resume search tools that leverage the search engines and scour pay and free sites to find resumes matching whatever criteria you select. But when it comes to working the other direction — that is, sourcing placements and req –, the choices are pretty limited. Now along comes BrightMove with a tool that turns... (more...)

With the XenDesktop 5 release, we introduced the new way to provision desktops – Machine Creation Services (or MCS). As Kevin explained in his introduction blog, Machine Creation Services is about more than just provisioning desktops though. MCS enables full life-cycle control of desktops.

Those of you familiar with XenDesktop know that we have an existing technology, Provisioning Services (PVS), that specialises in the same area – so why did we create MCS? We listened to the feedback of our customers and partners with experience in deploying XenDesktop 4 – and received a lot of feedback that Provisioning Services is a vital technology that brings the TCO and management benefits people expect from VDI. However, PVS is an additional component to deploy – and in some environments is overkill. MCS is designed to provide many of the benefits of PVS with a lower management cost.

Having two related technologies introduces choices – so how do you decide whether to deploy MCS or PVS with XenDesktop 5? Here’s my guidance…

Machine Creation Services is the right choice when you first want to get hands-on with VDI – it’s the quickest and easiest way to explore how VDI can change how you think about the management and delivery of desktops.

For production, Machine Creation Services is the best fit providing your deployment meets all of these criteria:

  • You are looking at a pure VDI environment
  • You intend to deploy NFS storage (for XenServer and ESX), or Clustered Shared Volumes (for Hyper-V)
  • You intend to deploy up to 2500 desktops per XenDesktop site (we’re aware of no hard limits, but our internal production environment testing is at 2500 desktops, which we will increase over time)
  • You have sufficient IOPs available on shared storage – unlike PVS, which provides a ‘RAM cache’ of disk blocks, MCS directs more read activity to the shared storage. MCS has approximately 1.6x the IOPs load of PVS.

In other environments, Provisioning Services is the right choice, especially when:

  • You are looking to deploy some Hosted Shared (RDS-based) or Streamed physical desktops
  • You need proven scale above 2500 desktops
  • Your environment is IOPs constrained
  • NFS is not an option (for XenServer and ESX)

In future, as we integrate IntelliCache (which will be the subject of a future blog in this series) and make further improvements, expect to see the range of use-cases for Machine Creation Services increase. For more information on MCS, see the Kevin’s introduction blog.

[Edited: 18 Feb 2011 - removed some ambiguity]