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Top 100 v 1.74 Kelly Cartwright The HR Industry is maturing. Fifteen years ago, the space was a wild west sideshow. As the emergence of software standardized administrative practice, HR became increasingly intelligible. Although the older institutions have failed to keep pace with reality, that’s hardly a surprise. HR evolved from the payroll department to a digital information infrastructure... (more...)

Top 100 v1.73 Jon Ingham For every 250 bloggers talking to an empty virtual room about nothing, there is one voice delivering value and perspective. The democratization of publishing has made it possible for all sorts of voices to be heard. That so little is being said is only troubling if you don’t agree with Einstein, who said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity,... (more...)

Most charitable donations take place that the end of the year. That means that your nonprofit needs to do its best to capture the attention of those in the giving spirit. A great way to do that is to let them know the steps they must do to get the maximum benefit from their donations to your nonprofit. If you don’t capture their attention, somebody else will. That’s why you should be the one. You... (more...)

In the turbulent times of tax restructuring nonprofits are the ones that could be hurt the most by some of the changes that are on the table. These new deals to extend the Bush era tax cuts or some variation of them stand the chance of having a significant financial impact on the donations that many nonprofits rely on to be able to do their good deeds. Why does estate tax affect nonprofits?Many nonprofits... (more...)

The 2010 NonProfit Salary survey gives you details on a wide range of topics that involve salaries for nonprofits. In this survey you will find out the Base Salary and cash compensation data with percentile rankings for each position, Bonus Pay practices including average payout, percentage receiving and organizations paying, Annual Salary Increases (prior and current year; executive and non-executive),... (more...)

Do you have the comparable compensation data the IRS requires for the top executives in your organization? Do you know if your employee salaries are in line with the nonprofit marketplace? The NonProfit Times 2010 Salary and Benefits Report provides the comparable compensation data nonprofit organizations need to satisfy IRS Form 990 requirements. The IRS requires nonprofit organizations to report... (more...)

From the series Untangling the Web: Recruiting with Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and most everything in between…, a simple way to gather contact information for interesting candidates: