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When: Week commencing November 8, 2010

Daily at 11:00AM EDT/8:00AM PDT
…and again at 3:00PM EDT/12:00PM PDT

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Where: Online – Web Event
Cost: $150.00 for all session access

Over the course five sessions, and with a little practice of course, you can go from a so-so sourcer to a recruiting rock star in just two weeks. Each live 60-minute session in the Online Recruiter: Zero to Hero Series helps you advance at your own pace. Step-by-step how-to’s show you how to succeed using today’s internet.

  • Monday – Boolean or Bust: The basics for building effective searches are shared so you can start tracking down active and passive candidates from social networking sites, resume databases, off competitor sites and more.
  • Tuesday – A Sourcers’ Worksheet: A step-by-step guide on building a keyword reference that not only takes your searching online to the next level but positions you for success throughout the recruiting process. This could be the single most valuable document you ever produce!
  • Wednesday - Advanced Search for Novices, Masters and Everyone in between: Even “seasoned” sourcers will get a kick out of these innovative techniques for surfacing the most deeply buried candidates, producing actionable leads, org. charts, call-lists and more.
  • Thursday - Systems, Automation, Tools and Tackle: One of the biggest sources of waste in recruiting online are the repetitive tasks which, by their nature, are a chore. In this session you’ll discover how to use a no-cost approach for automating routines tasks so you can get on with recruiting.
  • Friday - Bringing Search Inside: Now that you are one of the go-to people for no-cost recruiting online, learn how to effectively support your team and/or hiring managers with a constant flow of qualified candidates. Using tools like custom search engines, give your organization a competitive edge, and yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

This session is presented by Amitai Givertz. Ami will be sharing how tried and true online recruiting practices can be integrated with emerging tools and innovations for both recruiting and professional advantage.

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In Las Vegas, they are known as “whales.” In fundraising, that same gambler is called a major donor who is betting on you. To reach the well-heeled requires a different, often personal, approach over an extended time when the potential gift. To figure out who should be on a prospect list, David Chase of Chase Solutions in Centerville, Mass., spelled out a number of sources that can be tapped. Called... (more...)

Top 100 v1.70 Jay Whitehead Jay Whitehead creates stories that people live in. A long time resident of the media world, Whitehead is a plot maker who generates big narratives. He sees places where people might spend time and sets about creating the reality. His stories become institutions Eight and a half years ago, Whitehead launched HRO Today Magazine. After noticing that HR Service companies were... (more...)

The price of Apple’s tablet computer, before sales tax, varies significantly between countries IF YOU fly from Hong Kong to Frankfurt or Paris and look suspiciously like a gadget lover, chances are that you will be searched by customs officers: an iPad with Wi-Fi and 16 gigabytes of memory costs $200 less in the former British colony than in Germany and France. Given the risk of having to pay... (more...)

The NonProfit Times, the leading publication for nonprofit management, has created an easy viewing, online TV broadcast to bring you exciting and relevant information. The NonProfit Times’ TV broadcast is an easy to use format that brings you up to date information every two weeks. Taking no more than 10 minutes to be viewed, you will find that the broadcasts are informative, relevant and professionally... (more...)

I love riding roller coasters. I always have, for as long as I can remember.  When I was too short for the really scary rides, I’d put a double layer of socks in my shoes to be just a bit taller, and hopefully my head would hit the measuring bar and I would be allowed to ride. It didn’t help at all that I was a short kid. I’m sure you have similar memories, if you are also a roller coaster fan.... (more...)

Site founder threatens to call in the law

The Cryptome whistleblowing website was hacked last weekend in an attack that could have compromised sensitive data, possibly including the email addresses of top secret sources for leaks sent to the site.

After missing last year, I was happy to be able to spend a good part of last week attending this year’s HR Technology conference. As usual between the networking, the tradeshow, and the sessions, it was sensory overload. I made sure to take some time to try and notice the forest from the trees, while still sniffing around for interesting details. Given my specialty focus on assessment, I want to... (more...)

Despite claims that giving money away is easy, Dennis McIlnay, in his book Foundations and Higher Education offers certain findings indicating that giving away money can be complicated and difficult. These findings come from a gathering of information from philosophers, philanthropists and foundation officers. Among the findings: •Grantmaking is more subjective than objective and is based on the... (more...)

On Tuesday, September 28 at the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. Shally Steckerl gave an interesting presentation at SourceCon, one that covered competitive intelligence. As an example of how competitive intelligence can be gathered over the telephone, let me tell you a simple story of a job I started upon my return from the conference. On Thursday morning, I began sourcing sales reps for a paper manufacturing... (more...)