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At Citrix Synergy back in May, Burton Group, a division of Gartner, introduced their “Server Hosted Virtual Desktop Evaluation Criteria” (this is a blog – you’ll need a client login to access the document). If you aren’t already familiar with it, it consists of over 100 detailed solution criteria broken into required, preferred and optional categories. In a session at Synergy, Burton compared XenDesktop 4 and View 4 against the criteria, and while Citrix came out ahead across all the board, there were still a couple items missing on the “required” list in order for Gartner to recommend XenDesktop for large enterprise deployment.

Before I go any further, I want to make something clear. Although Burton asked for our feedback, and were exceptional in providing a forum for discussion and debate about any and all of the criteria, at the end of the day, these were customer-driven. Believe me, we debated those items that we missed , but we recognized that customers needed them, and we needed to work on them. In fact, our engineering team was already hard at work in those areas.

So that brings us to some updates that Citrix released recently, and the blog that Chris Wolf of Burton posted yesterday, declaring “XenDesktop 4 SP1 is the First Enterprise-Ready SHVD Platform.” A big part of achieving this distinction was the release of XenDesktop 4 Service Pack 1

What’s in XenDesktop 4 Service Pack 1?
To be clear, we didn’t create SP1 just to meet the Burton criteria, and in fact, the primary component of SP1 has nothing to do with that at all. So here’s the breakdown:

  • VDA update (strongly recommended for all customers to implement as soon as possible): this contains improvements to the VDA (Virtual Desktop Agent) and is focused on improving its reconnection stability. It also has the already-released hotfixes 1, 2 and 3, plus other improvements. The new VDA underwent some pretty extreme testing to ensure the reliability benefits. 64-bit and 32-bit downloads are available.
  • Optional delegated administration and configuration logging features (intended for large enterprise IT organizations): If you are familiar with how these features work in XenApp – these are practically identical. We already had these in the works by customer request when Burton published the criteria and noted that XenDesktop was missing these features. We can’t thank Chris Wolf enough for taking the time to get hands on with these features – his feedback led to some last minute interface enhancements. Get it here.

Meeting the Burton criteria isn’t just a milestone for Citrix – it’s a big win for customers developing their desktop virtualization strategies. Now you have an industry-validated set of criteria, and a solution that fulfills the primary requirements for the enterprise.

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Application Streaming – How to run local installed apps isolated

In fact it’s easy to run a local installed application isolated. The much more important question is why I should run applications isolated and last but not leased what is the impact of running a local application isolated.
Let’s start with an application Citrix is using that way: Internet Explorer. When Application Streaming is used to run an Internet Explorer Add-on, it does exactly what I want to do: Running a local installed Internet Explorer isolated to make the add-on available for the user.
So the question is now, are there other applications where you want to run an add-on isolated/streamed. Yes there are! The first time I run into that question, was the day I isolated 7-Zip. It is an easy task to profile 7-Zip, but because Explorer is not “aware” of the streamed “zip utility” the explorer context menu does not contain the 7-Zip Add-on.

But if you run Explorer isolated the context menu contains the 7-Zip extensions. Now there is the question. How can I run Explorer inside an isolation environment of a streamed application?
Simply by “calling” Explorer or any other installed executable from inside the isolation. There are many ways to do so: I like to do everything possible inside the Citrix Profiler, so I created a run_Explorer.cmd file, but you can also define a start script starting explorer (with option /e,). With the Profiler I added the cmd script to the target and also defined it as an application shortcut.
When now running the CMD file as an streamed application on the client, 7-Zip is shown in the context menu of Explorer.

As a side effect now the 7-Zip installation files are “visible” to Explorer. If you need details on how to do it step by step look here: Blog from Joseph Nord: AIE on Desktop and AIE via App Streaming

Now it looks like everything is done. Isn’t it? No it is not. Running Explorer locally has a lot more impact: When using Explorer you change settings, you create files, copy files and all this tasks are running isolated, controlled by the Isolation rules.
So the last thing you have to do is consider in which way the isolation rules impacts the application behavior and how to change them.

This document will answer all the questions on Demo (Previously known as NFR) License

Q: How do I get NFR/demo license for XenApp?

A: XenDesktop Platinum Edition includes XenApp Platinum Edition plus significant additional functionality and benefits. Please download and use the XenDesktop Platinum edition licenses

The Screenshot shows the Citrix Products which are included under XenDesktop License.

(XenDesktop License)

Q: How do I get a Demo (Previously known as NFR) License copy of XenDesktop 4?

A: Demo (Previously known as NFR) License copies of XenDesktop 4 are only available to authorized Citrix partners. Access to media and licenses is managed through the secure My Citrix portal.

Below are the links which would help you in downloading the Demo (Previously known as NFR) License.


Q: I have a Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 Environment and I would like to have Demo (Previously known as NFR) License for Enterprise Edition?

A: Licenses are available as Platinum edition only, we recommend you to upgrade your Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 to Feature Pack 1 and set your server edition as Platinum to utilize Platinum Edition Demo (Previously known as NFR) License.

Please follow the link attached if you are upgrading your Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 to Feature Pack 1.

Upgrade to CPS 4.5 and How to change Server Editon

Q: How many Licenses do I get for XenDesktop if I am a Citrix Ready Technology Partner?

A: You get 100 User Demo (Previously known as NFR) License.

Q: How many Licenses do I get for XenApp if I am a Citrix Ready Technology Partner?

A: You get 100 User Demo (Previously known as NFR) License. You will need to use XenDesktop platinum in order to use XenApp licenses.

(XenDesktop License)

Q: if I allocate 10 users License for one time, what happens to rest 90 Users Demo (Previously known as NFR) License?

A: With the same License Code, you can allocate the rest 90 User Demo (Previously known as NFR) License.

You can follow the links below to allocate the rest of 90 User Demo (Previously known as NFR) License.


Please see screenshot

Important note on Licenses
Please note that XenDesktop license key contains 100 user licenses. You should only activate required number of user license (3-5 users in most of the cases). You will be able to reuse and activate the remaining users for a different test scenario or product.

Q: I am unable to retrieve new Serial numbers; I am getting an error “You have already reached the maximum number of license for this product”?

A: The error generally means that you have generated the License Code, However you can still use the same License Code to generate User Demo (Previously known as NFR) License unless if you have allocated all of it.

Q: I want to upgrade my License Server; could you provide us a link to download the Latest License Server?

A: The Latest License Server available for download is Version 11.6.1; you can download it from the Link below.

Download License Server

Q: I have changed the Hostname of the License Server; do I have to generate a new License File?

A: No, You can reallocate the License file you had for your previous Hostname to the New Hostname. Please follow CTX115870

If you have any questions which are not anwered in this FAQ Document, Please feel free to write to us @ citrixready@citrix.com

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