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Some admins would like to retrieve a list of virtual Desktops and their assigned user. The console doesn’t provide this.
This little powershell script delivers the required result

Powershell on the DDC – get be obtained here : Microsoft Powershell Download Page
XenDesktop SDK installed on the DDC – Download here : Citrix XenDesktop SDK
(you may need to set the :Set-ExecutionPolicy” cmdlet to adjust the PowerShell execution policy to a value such as “RemoteSigned”)

Display all Desktops and assigned user
add-pssnapin "xdcommands"
$farm = new-xdadminconnection localhost #if executed on the DDC
get-xdvirtualdesktop| select-object name,assignedusername
What: Under Wraps: Recruiting Secrets from the Defense Industry
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
3:00PM EDT/12:00PM PDT
For quick registration »

Thursday, July 8, 2010
1:30PM EDT/10:30PM PDT
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Place: Online – Web Event
Cost: $95.00


This 90-minute workshop examines how top-gun recruiters find, attract and engage security-cleared professionals for defense contractors and government agencies. Practical solutions are provided that can be applied by anyone who faces similar challenges recruiting in highly competitive environments.

The workshop covers the following:

Bucking the Trends of Institutionalized Recruiting

  • How to succeed in environments that are “programmed for failure”
  • How to leverage legacy programs and thinking for recruiting advantage
  • How to counter hiring managers’ and candidates’ negative tendencies

From Planning to Action

  • How to define “critical success factors” and plan accordingly
  • How to create and deliver a profile-based sourcing strategy
  • How to engage hiring managers in the recruiting process

A Recruiters’ Toolkit

  • Tools, tips and techniques for online research, recruiting and screening
  • Enabling hiring managers’ with self-service tools for fast-track recruiting
  • Resources for recruiting with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social sites

Self-paced study materials and other resources are included plus bonus recordings and references.

Searching for Candidates on Google — An Online Primer

Germany’s president resigns after ill-chosen remarks about the war in Afghanistan THE powers of the German president are more symbolic than real, but Horst Kohler’s sudden resignation from the job on Monday May 31st was nonetheless a bombshell. He quit days after critics accused him of violating the spirit of the constitution in remarks he made about German military operations abroad. His... (more...)

BP thinks again about how to stanch the flow of oil after “top kill” fails AFTER three days of trying, on May 29th BP gave up on its attempts to stanch the flow of oil from its leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico with a procedure known as “top kill”. The following day, a White House adviser described the spill as the worst in America’s history. “Top kill” depended... (more...)

Gays in poor countries are under attack TWO gay rights activists in Zimbabwe were freed from custody on Friday 28th May, where it is claimed they were abused and tortured. They await trial in June, facing charges of possessing indecent material and insulting the country’s president, Robert Mugabe. Earlier this month two gay men in Malawi were given 14 years of hard labour in prison, the harshest... (more...)

“I think so!”

Did you ever watch that episode of “Pinky and the Brain” where they made a life-size duplicate of the earth out of paper-mâché? Well, for some reason after Synergy my mind got stuck on that episode. I am not sure if it was Sinbad’s show or just random thoughts on virtualization.

Synergy finished about two weeks ago and we are all back in our daily grinds, reflecting as the opportunity presents itself on how virtualization can make our lives easier. I personally am reflecting on how soon I can take advantage of XenClient to unclutter my Windows 7 desktop. After facilitating five XenClient hands-on training labs, (fairly popular since we were giving away a XenClient-capable laptop in every session), I now feel confident that an install of XenClient will improve my computing experience.

Of course, once Pinky and the Brain had finished constructing the paper-mâché earth they had to convince the entire population to leave. Their answer to the problem – offer free t-shirts. I cannot offer free t-shirts, but I am presenting two complimentary live webinars on XenDesktop and Hyper-V that can help you with your virtualization planning:

Hyper-V Planning for XenDesktop
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
In this webinar I will present the key things to consider when planning to deploy XenDesktop on Microsoft Hyper-V platform. For instance, you will learn how to correctly size your storage tier and what design considerations are important for moving from a pilot to a production farm.

Citrix, Microsoft, HP: Best Practices for Scaling Virtual Desktops
Thursday, June 17, 2010 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
In this webinar I will discuss the ideal Hyper-V/XenDesktop reference architecture and share some of the things I learned while building a 3500-desktop deployment of Windows 7. I will also present the key results from the scalability testing that were presented at Synergy.

If you missed the Synergy sessions and cannot make the webinars, I will be presenting the XenDesktop/Hyper-V/Windows 7 scalability test results at HP’s Tech Forum in Las Vegas. The content will be 100% technical and include a more detailed analysis of the findings from the HP Solution Center. I have a GREAT time slot – Tuesday June 22nd at 5:00p, right before dinner. Come check out Session 2100!!!!

We may not be living on a paper-mâché planet, but we are living in a virtual world. Virtualization is everywhere and it will only become more pervasive as we find better and faster ways to virtualize the environment around us.

Relations with North Korea will loom large over regional elections in South Korea • SOUTH KOREANS will get the opportunity to judge the government’s handling of fraught relations with its northern neighbour on Wednesday June 2nd. Mayoral elections in the country’s largest cities and elections for provincial governors will prove a test of the policies of President Lee Myung-bak and... (more...)

Companies are hiring to assist with the Gulf oil spill clean up efforts.   A variety of positions are available including jobs for engineers, technicians, chemists, laborers, environmental specialists, project managers, and general clean up workers. Read Full Post Gulf Oil Spill Jobs originally appeared on About.com Job Searching on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 at 12:06:14. Permalink | Comment |... (more...)

Individuals and companies who have lost income due to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill may be eligible for compensation from BP. Read Full Post BP Claims Information originally appeared on About.com Job Searching on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 at 10:00:19. Permalink | Comment | Email this  Read More →

Intensiv-Filter virtualizes CAD workstations globally

  • “We used to have to estimate total costs of 28,000 Euro for a single new developer workstation—through the use of XenDesktop these costs are reduced to a fraction,” Michael Paga, Intensiv-Filter GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Developers can work with centrally provided CAD tools from almost anywhere, “… even in Brazil the response times are fully sufficient.”
  • Simplifies provisioning of standard and high performance desktops.
  • Increases data security by centralized data and SSL-VPN.


Intensiv-Filter GmbH & Co. KG with its headquarters in Velbert in Nordrhein Westfalen is one of the largest system suppliers of dust removal technology and product recovery. Founded in 1922, the company produces high-grade components like process tubular filter systems and secondary dust removal or CIP filters, and also offers its customers extensive services—from planning and engineering to system startup. Demand for services provided by Intensiv-Filter is increasing in view of ever more stringent pollution abatement guidelines. In past years, the company was able to continuously open up new business areas and build up its international presence. Today, Intensiv-Filter is not only represented in Germany and Europe, but also by affiliates in Brazil, India and Korea.

The Challenge – Increasing IT requirements by company expansion

In order to be able to support dynamic development of the company as efficiently as possible, the IT department set up a largely centralized IT infrastructure at an early time: “In principle we try to keep current administration expenses as low as possible and therefore have been using Citrix technologies for many years to provide applications,” says Michael Paga, IT manager at Intensiv-Filter. Business applications like Microsoft® Office and the client software for the ERP system units are made available to users in the individual branches via a central Citrix® XenApp™ server farm. “We originally introduced the technology in order to enable developers on UNIX workstations to also have access to Windows® applications,” explains Paga. “However, we then quickly recognized that we save a lot of work if we move standard applications in general from the distributed end equipment to the server farm. Thus, we only have to maintain and keep updated one instance of each application. The principle of centralized data also simplifies the backup process enormously and ensures continuous data consistency.”

However, not all applications can be virtualized via the central server farm. In particular, the graphics-intensive 2D and 3D CAD applications were still installed locally on workstations with high performance hardware equipment for performance reasons. This developed into an increasingly greater challenge when, in the course of internationalization of Intensiv-Filter, additional developer workplaces were added at different locations. “On the one hand, the running administration expense rose very quickly—software updates and patches had to be installed on each individual end device. On the other hand, there are also security aspects,” says Paga. “Protection of sensitive design data has the highest priority here but is not that easy to implement in a distributed client architecture.”

Desktop virtualization for CAD developers

The IT employees of Intensiv-Filter were therefore very interested when Citrix presented a new solution for the central operation of complex user desktops last year. With Ciitrix desktop virtualization, not only standard desktops can be virtualized: the technology also makes it possible to provide high performance desktops via the datacenter. Citrix XenDekstop™ directs the connection to a dedicated physical computer for example, as a Blade PC in a server rack. For operation of more resource-hungry applications this computer is equipped with corresponding CPU power, sufficient working memory and if necessary a special graphics chip. Access to the Blade PC occurs via the Citrix ICA® protocol, which provides special optimization and acceleration methods for graphics applications by the integrated Citrix® HDX™ technologies.

“Together with our IT partner of many years, arvato systems, we set up a test with Citrix XenDesktop and Blade PCs from IBM and very quickly found that the solution corresponds to our requirements,” says Paga. “With it we can provide complete CAD workplaces via standard DSL connections at any location. At the same time, we have complete control in the data center over the developer desktops and are in a position to execute all administrative activities very efficiently.” Intensiv-Filter therefore decided to gradually introduce the desktop virtualization solution in its international branches for all 30 CAD workplaces.

Instead of high performance workstations, the developers of Intensiv-Filter work on normal PCs, notebooks or thin clients. After logging on to the terminal device, XenDesktop connects the user to one of the Blade PCs in the computer center on which the applications are executed. No application data is exchanged via the network between the client and server but only screen updates, keyboard inputs and mouse movements. During access via the Internet all communication is encrypted by the SSL-VPN solution Citrix® Access Gateway™, Enterprise Edition. “We therefore achieve a very high degree of security and make sure that design data do not leave our computer center in Velbert,” says Paga.

According to Paga, the feedback of the first users was quite positive. “The developers can work with the centrally provided CAD tools almost as they do with locally installed applications—even in Brazil the response times are fully sufficient.” For a fluid representation of the screen surface, Paga recommends that a sufficient dimensioned graphics memory also be installed in the terminal devices.

Lower costs, greater flexibility

Central operation of the CAD workplaces has significantly reduced the administration cost in many areas: “For example, we no longer have to give much thought to how we will bring the workstations to our users and what will be done during hardware failures—if a terminal device fails, the user can immediately continue working on another computer,” says Paga. For user support Intensiv-Filter utilizes the online service Citrix® GoToAssist®: The user grants the help desk employee access to his workplace in a protected support session. Technical questions can be solved reliably and quickly via the Internet.

Through more efficient administration and support processes, Intensiv-Filter can consistently reduce the costs for its CAD workplaces. Moreover, the company is achieving significant savings in client hardware. Since the developers are active in different time zones, several users within a day can work with the same physical Blade PC. A central license pool also makes sure that only as many software licenses are called up as are actually necessary.

“We used to have to estimate total costs of 28,000 Euro for a single new developer workplace. Through the use of XenDesktop these costs are reduced to a fraction” says Paga. “With this solution, however, we are not only saving money but are especially gaining flexibility: in the future we will be able to temporarily involve external developers without having to be concerned about the security of our data.”