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A reader had this question: “When my contacts have private notes, I can see the notes in my notes column. The notes are also duplicated on a second line at the beginning of the row, where they can be seen,. How do I disable this?” You need to turn off AutoPreview. To do this, look on the View menu for the Custom or Customize command, then click the Other settings button. Select No AutoPreview.... (more...)

What do you think of doing a performance review in public and posting the written evaluation online? And then inviting people to contribute their own opinions and vote on the review, in the interest of being fair and balanced? Raise your hand if you think this is a good idea. I see no hands. Wait, there’s one. Thank you St. Dymphna. The rest of you, however, should stay away from Unvarnished. This... (more...)

A discouraging report from ADP this morning tossed some cold water on Wall Street’s cheerful rally of the last few weeks. The monthly ADP National Employment Report says 23,000 private, nonfarm jobs were lost in the last month. The same report also adjusted the previous month’s job loss from 20,000 to 24,000. Economists had been predicting that the report would show job growth, not loss.... (more...)

Radisson Blu to monitor guests

The prestige Radisson Blu hotel chain has become the first in the world to roll out a new technology that can spot guests receiving or distributing real images of child porn.

MIT and DARPA create self-patching software

Researchers led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have developed software that keeps applications running during attacks, then finds and installs permanent patches to protect them. The ClearView system detects attacks by noting when applications perform outside their normal range of behavior, indicating an attack of some sort. To fend off attacks, it tries out a variety of patches on the fly, choosing the one that best returns the application to normal.

Have you joined our LinkedIn group yet? Check it out. Here’s what’s going on in the ERE community this week: Lessons for a new recruiter Bogus posting or clumsy candidate experience? How come you’re ignoring your employment brand? Is pay to play the new norm? Can you get a good background check for $25.00? Featured group of the week: Canadian Staffing Experts 1. Lessons for a new... (more...)

Over the last couple of weeks, I have maintained radio silence, hardly blogging as I tried to prepare a manuscript for publication. This piece is not the usual analyst fare with charts and graphs and interpretations. It’s a simple book of my writings from the last year and a half. Many things came to the forefront during the collating process. For instance, while I think of myself as... (more...)

Researchers link unrelated files to Aurora attack

A misstep by McAfee security researchers apparently helped confuse the security research community about the hackers who targeted Google and many other major corporations in cyber attacks last year. McAfee disclosed that its initial report on the attacks, branded Operation Aurora by McAfee, had mistakenly linked several files to the attacks, files that had nothing to do with Aurora after all.

90 percent of security flaws could be stopped by running as standard user

A new study from BeyondTrust, a software developer focused on solutions for managing privileges in Windows, has some interesting results for organisations that have made the switch to Windows 7. The key finding shows that 90 percent of critical Windows 7 vulnerabilities could be mitigated simply by not allowing standard users to run with administrator privileges.

Hong Kong server unreachable for some uncensored searchers

After blaming an internal technical glitch, Google now says it’s not sure why people in China have had trouble using its search service.