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February 27 Update: The Senate failed to pass an unemployment extension last week, because Senator Jim Bunning, Kentucky blocked passage for the second day in a row.  However,  a  more extensive unemployment extension package, with Democrats seeking a one year extension, is on the agenda for Monday.   If you are collecting unemployment continue to file for benefits, because extensions have typically... (more...)

I get questions all the time about employee rights. Job seekers want to know about what happens with overtime when they are considered an exempt employee vs. a non-exempt employee. They also wonder about unused vacation and sick pay and commission and bonuses when they leave their job.   Employees ask about overtime, comp time, wages, and other related issues.   I also get asked frequently about... (more...)

It only takes a few minutes to send a thank you note, letter or email after a job interview – and it’s a step in the hiring process that you don’t want to skip. Sending a thank you letter is a good way to reiterate your interest in the job and to remind the interviewer why you are the best candidate.  Surveys report that hiring managers think more highly of the candidates who appreciate... (more...)

Calling All Desktop Virtualization Enthusiasts!

Would you like to listen to and participate in an unfiltered discussion about desktop virtualization: its usefulness in IT today and the critical role it plays in the evolution of IT, with technical experts from leading desktop virtualization vendors: Citrix, Microsoft, Quest, Symantec, and VMware, and moderated by independent solution architect, Shawn Bass? 

Sound too good to be true? It’s my pleasure to tell you that this is the overview of our next Geek Speak Virtual webcast! The details and registration link are included below. I hope you can attend this educational and historic community event!


Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Time: 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST

Join industry expert Shawn Bass as he challenges five leading vendors in the desktop virtualization community to share their thoughts on the role and benefits of the virtual desktop in today’s business world, and discuss their ideas on what’s ahead for the virtualization industry.

Be there and participate live when Shawn drives a deep-dive discussion about related technologies and futures that will give you insight and help you decide what solution is the best fit for your organization. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear these six brilliant technical experts share their views about desktop virtualization, the hottest topic in the IT industry today!

Four Reasons to Attend:
  1. Five vendors together for the first time on ONE virtual stage!
  2. Unbiased, unfiltered (& unprecedented!) technical discussion
  3. Live online chat with the speakers & fellow attendees
  4. A chance to win a Citrix Synergy pass worth $1,895

  • Shawn Bass, Solution Architect
  • Frank Anderson, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager; Citrix
  • Aaron Black, Technical Marketing, View and ThinApp; VMWare
  • Brian Duckering, Sr. Manager, Endpoint Virtualization; Symantec
  • Michael Kleef, Technical Product Marketing; Microsoft
  • Terry Lewis, Manager Product Marketing; Quest Software

I’d like to personally thank all of the participating speakers, who have been working together to make this a true desktop virtualization community event!


For more information about Geek Speak Virtual events, click here.
For more information about the Geek Speak program, click here.

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Update:Food, electricity, water top priorities for post-quake Chile, UN relief wing reports nearly a week after quake. UN News Center Update: As the situation in Chile deteriorates and with many without shelter, electricity, or water, the government asks the U.N. for help. The death toll in Chile has risen to more than 700 as reported by the NY Times. A magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck near the city... (more...)

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No, this is not a posting about Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) or even PCI device pass-through in Xen. It’s about acknowledging that in the area of Desktop Virtualization there remains much to be done by all vendors to convince customers that our solutions can really deliver the benefits that we articulate.

It’s about cutting through the hype, and not the hypervisor. It’s about the creation of a forum in which all vendors can participate to share ideas, answer user, customer and community questions, and lay out a roadmap that shows how they will deliver on more complex use-cases for desktop virtualization. The forum is the next Geek Speak Virtual live webcast on Tuesday, March 2 at 1-2:30 PM EST, called “Desktop Virtualization Vendors Speak Out!”. Shawn Bass will moderate a panel of five technical desktop virtualization experts from Citrix, Microsoft, Quest, Symantec, and VMware. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered by our panel, without marketing fluff. The panel has been chosen specifically to address technical questions and to articulate remaining technical challenges. Specifically, the panelists have agreed to make their best effort to avoid product vs. product banter. During the event, they will discuss a set of agreed-upon topics, and there will be a live online Q&A and online chat – a format which has worked well and proven popular in previous Geek Speak virtual events.

We have over 1,000 attendees registered so far. You can register here.

NetScaler SMS Authentication

Citrix NetScaler, the industry’s most popular load balancer, can also be configured to use SMS authentication, with Citrix Receiver, XenApp and XenDesktop. Our partner SMS passcode makes the SMS software, it is easy to install and easy to use. The Citrix Reciever already supports SMS Authentication.

In previous posts we show how Authentication can be done at the Citrix Server Web Interface, or using LDAP. Now that Citrix Receiver runs on a variety of mobile devices, you can use SMS Authentication and Receiver on your device of choice.

The technology leader in SMS Authentication now supports Citrix. Read more about it here.

We used the previous infrastructure for this Proof Of Concept, because it was already setup with XenApp and XenDesktop. The only new piece was the SMS Passcode server.


Download the Deployment Guide – ICA Proxy for Citrix Receiver with SMS Authentication.

Citrix Products used in this POC

NetScaler AGEE
Citrix Receiver
SMS Passcode

Read more about SMS Authentication

Text Message Based Authentication

Watch it live

Tap into the power of AppExpert!

Here is the slide deck for the recent webinar series, Untangling the Web: Recruiting with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and most everything in between…

Download the slide deck here [PDF]

首先,介绍一下硬件环境。真正的硬件很简单,两台物理机,一台装win2008 r2上面准备装Provision Server(PVS)。另外一台是XenServer虚拟机环境。XenServer上带有两块网卡,一个网卡连入公司的网络,另一个和PVS服务器组成局域网。

昨天,我给测试组介绍了这套系统。当时一位同事对虚拟环境作了另一番解释。觉得非常好,转载一下。传统的PC系统可以分为4大部分,Hardware,OS,Application和User Profile。如果想对下位的系统作更改,就意味着要把它上面的系统全部重做。比如说,要换新硬件,买了新的PC不用说,OS,Application都要重装。User Profile可以从备份复原,如果没有备份,以前的设定也就都没有了,都要重新设定。而虚拟环境就是要把这4个部分全都虚拟并把它们分离开来。这样做的好处就在于,终端用户和自由的选择组合,而不必重新安装上位的系统。用Citrix的虚拟方案来说,硬件部分用XenServer来虚拟,OS部分可以用XenDesktop和PVS来实现虚拟,Application部分是XenApp的担当,最上层的User Profile可以用Roaming User Profile,如果OS本身的功能不满意,可以尝试Profile Manager (http://www.citrix.com/site/jumpPage.asp?pageID=1453077)。在这样的虚拟桌面环境下,就算买了台新的PC,只要有Online plug-in就可以立刻连接通过XenDesktop连接XenServer或PVS上的桌面。同时由于应用程序运行在XenApp系统上,用户可以自由选择XP还是Win7桌面系统而不必重新安装应用程序。从管理员角度来说,4大部分的分离带来的好处也很多,更换硬件之后只要安装XenServer然后把Export的虚拟机再import进去就好了。如果采用了PVS服务器连Export/Import都不用了。
好了,话归正传。XenServer担当了硬件的虚拟,作为整个系统的基础。如果它崩溃就意味着整个系统的停止。所以需要对这个部分加强,计划用两台物理机组成一个XenServer的Pool,所有的虚拟机文件都保存在共享存储器上。当其中一台XenServer出现问题,那台XenServer上的虚拟机都会在另外一台XenServer上被启动。这就是XenServer的High Availability功能。这个共享存储器将是虚拟硬件系统的核心。XenServer支持iSCSI,NFS和FTTH。FTTH太贵买不起,NFS速度不是很理想。所以我就以iSCSI为核心构筑存储系统。很多大公司都有自己存储系统,比起几年前价格也下来很多,但仍价值数十万人民币。如果以测试目的申请了,不但不批还得挨老板批。

犹豫了很久最终决定选用HDD Box连接到一台旧计算机上自己搭建存储系统。iSCSI存储系统的速度的瓶颈在于硬盘的读写速度。网络速度早已实现1Gb,而硬盘最多不过几十个MB的速度。使用有硬盘读写Cache功能的SANMelody (http://china.datacore.com/)可以改善这个问题。