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Friends are reporting holiday parties as early as next weekend so it’s time to roll out my favorite article that I’ve written about holiday celebrations at work-related events. My top seven office party gaffes emphasizes way more than drinking too much, which is a common holiday blunder. I’ve seen employees do every one of these, some at a great detriment to their careers and reputation.... (more...)

In the midst of the merry, merry, because I think of Thanksgiving week as ushering in the late fall and winter holidays, I received an instant message from a friend. He has found a new job and was ushered out of his former workplace when he gave notice. He wanted to tell me just how bad his workplace had been. And, I was truly amazed. The workplace he described took every article on this Web site... (more...)

Working with a client group, we identified the characteristics of the employees who had mentored them during their developmental years. They added what they wished mentors had provided. I added my own thoughts about successful mentors that I and others have experienced and known. The compiled list is the 15 most important characteristics of successful mentors. Does every mentor have these traits and... (more...)

The keys to financial success and a profitable business are not the strategies or the systems of the firm. The character and skill of individual managers, who practice what they preach and recognize the manager’s role in coaching employees are what count. “It’s about character and courage,” and according to David Maister, a well-known consultant to professional service firms,... (more...)

I trust you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you celebrate. Thanksgiving and this four day Thanksgiving weekend is a wonderful time to think about everything for which I am grateful: my work, my family, my husband, our companies, our friends, our home, and my ability to write and publish my thoughts on so many topics. I am also grateful for you, the people who read my site and especially,... (more...)

In the US, the debate over how much the Federal and state governments should control the employment relationship between employers and employees rages on. Currently, a mandatory sick leave requirement is under consideration in the Pandemic Protection for Workers, Families, and Businesses Act. The Act would require that all employers with more than 15 employees offer full-time workers seven days of... (more...)

Great events and not so great events in the workplace and for Human Resources, managers, and employees happened from 2000-2009, the first decade of the century. When you look back at this decade, what will you remember as the best and worst happenings and events, your favorite and least favorite happenings and events of the decade for you and your workplace? Help me identify the best and worst of... (more...)

We’re working on developing a formal mentoring program at a client company that will ensure that every new employee, or employee new to a department, has a formally assigned mentor. And, with this title comes the responsibility to help the employee get up to speed on job skills and also to integrate into the culture quickly. (See: Eight Hallmarks of a Mentoring Culture.) This mentoring relationship... (more...)

It seems like the words “mail merge from contacts” causes eyes to glaze over and users to freak out. I don’t know why. It’s actually really easy to do. But I get a lot of questions about it, especially at this time of year (holiday letter time). To show users how really simple it is to being a mail merge from Contacts, I created this video tutorial. http://www.slipstick.com/Tutorials/merge/merge.asp... (more...)

Gossip is rampant and contagious in some workplaces. I would characterize those gossip-ridden workplaces as settings in which employees do not receive sufficient information about what is happening in the company. (This is one of the employees’ five most important needs from work.) Gossip is also a characteristic of companies that fail to make their decision making transparent to employees. When... (more...)